Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years and Resolutions

This year, we rang in the New Year at the Lorton's house. The boys were thrilled that all of their friends were going to be there, and I was thrilled that we were actually getting out of the house :) Carter attended a "huge party" at Logan's house.

4 happy boys...and one..well, not so happy :)

Once the boys took their shirts off, there was no chance that she was going to keep hers on!

The Countdown......5..4..3..2..1....


Heading upstairs to leave....12:45am. Party Animals!
As for Resolutions....I always make a list, but I never keep them :) This year, I resolve to: actually print pictures out once a month and put them into albums, keep my car clean, be better about sending bday/anniversary cards, and play the lotto. Those don't seem too hard do they? Well, except for the picture thing and the clean car. Wish me luck!!

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