Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Weekend

This weekend, my calendar read as follows:
Two soccer games
One soccer practice
One basketball game
One basketball practice
One baseball practice
Two birthday parties
UGH! And we painted the laundry room. Saturday night, Aunt Kaffy asked the boys to go to Jon's hockey games and then spend the night. Woohoo! And, Carter spent the night at a friends. Double Woohoo! Scott and I took Cate to Claire's 3rd birthday party at The Little Gym then out to dinner. Here are a few highlights from the weekend....
Bennett #6. His very first basketball game. He really liked it.
Brady watching the game
Cate ready for a night out with mommy and daddy!
Poor Baby Cate had to wait her turn to get on the inflatable jumping thing. Good thing her brothers weren't there..they hate to see her sad!
Claire received lots of fun gifts! Cate pushed her chair right up front to get a better view.
Brady and Hunter...two cool dudes

Cate and Reed on the slide at the Y.

She wanted a stamp on her hand

Sunday night was the first time I saw Carter since before school on Friday. We were both going in different directions all weekend. Obviously, he was not thrilled that I wanted to take his picture. He is totally pre-teen and so not interested in being with us!

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