Friday, July 10, 2009

Are You Kidding Me??

That was my reaction this morning when Bennett and Brady woke up and declared they wanted to join the swim team. Carter joined the swim team when he was five years old and is currently swimming his 7th season. Bennett has always refused to even consider it and Brady wouldn't try because he doesn't want to do anything without Ben. They are both very strong swimmers and love swimming, but have shown no interest in joining the team. Until last night. Carter had a swim meet and both boys had a great time watching. They loved cheering on their friends during the races. But that was last night. I did not think they would wake up with the same enthusiasm. I should know better. My kids always do the opposite of what I think they're going to do. So, this morning when they announced they were ready to join, we told them to "suit" up and we took them to the pool. Again, I was shocked when both Ben and Brady got in line with the other swimmers and took off like they had been doing this for years.

Cate and Carter watching a race
Cate eating ice...probably off the ground

Bennett ready to dive in during his first swim practice

Brady kickin' down the pool

Bennett swimming freestyle

Probably needs to work on his dive

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Adriane said...

Cracks me UP! Hope Brady is feeling better!