Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sports Weekly

This was a busy week in sports for the Smallie Family. 10 baseball games, 4 soccer games, and 1 swim meet. Bennett played in his very first baseball tournament this weekend. It was machine pitch, which his team has never played before, and they got 3rd place!!!! Bennett went 9 for 12 with an average of .750...crazy, I know. I mean, Hall of Fame inductees only average .325ish. He is a serious baseball stud if I may say so :) Carter played in a 3v3 soccer tournament in O'fallon MO....his team did well and they had a great time. It was a very hectic week, but I survived and this week isn't nearly as bad...two baseball games and SWISA swim championship.
Carter pitching in Wednesday's game. It's a foggy picture because Cate's thumbprint was on my lens

She always seems to find the mud puddles

Bennett batting in the Home Run Derby


Batting during his second game

Carter and his 3v3 team...The Cheezballs (how appropriate!)

Carter played really great. I can tell his twice-weekly workouts at Tank's Gym has made a big difference

Cate and Brady watching some soccer. They are the best fans ever!

Finally figured out how to drink out of a straw...YAY!

Eating at McGurks after the soccer game

Scrubbing her stroller down after a dirty weekend at the ball fields!

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