Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An All-Star Day

Today, Scott took the boys to the All-Star FanFest at America's Center. They all agreed it was one of the best days they've ever had! Cate and I stayed home and held down the fort while the boys took their turns batting against big league pitchers, fielding balls, having their own baseball cards made, and drooling over gold gloves and World Series trophies. I sent Scott with my camera and specific instructions that I wanted a lot of pictures...he came home with over 95! Good man that Scott Smallie!!

Riding the MetroLink to FanFest

Posing in front of a model of the old Busch Stadium

I was able to scan the baseball cards. They're really neat...look and feel just like the real thing

Lounging in the mock locker room

A diving catch by Carter. Once these are uploaded, I'll be able to go online and order from mlb.com (Notice the severe tan line Carter has on his right thigh!!!)

Bennett batting in the cages.

Scott said everyone was going crazy when Brady was catching fly balls off the machine. He caught every one of them!! I mean, come on..he's only 4 yrs old!!!!

Brady clocking his pitching speed

Carter batting against Tim Wakefield

Cate loves the souvenir the boys brought her. Doesn't it just scream "cool"?!!!!!!!!!

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