Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Today, we celebrated three "1st Birthdays". My cousin's son, Owen, turned one as did Gabby and Gracie. We started our rounds at Owen's party. The boys swam in their heated pool (who would have thought you would need to heat your pool on July 18 in St Louis??) and had a blast. After Owen's party, we headed to the Cook's. Adriane did a great job throwing a huge bash for the girls and both Gabby and Gracie were absolutely perfect the entire time. Lots of food, family, and friends...can't beat a day like that!

Brady braving the slide (for the 20th time)

Chillin' in the pool

Brady, Kyndra, Drake (also a bday boy!) and Bennett enjoying pork steaks and corn on the cob

A surprisingly calm picture of a wild crowd!

Cousins. Owen is five months younger than Cate but a bit bigger than she is.....they have the exact same color hair and neither have much of it.

Party #2

Cate playing with the presents before they're opened

Delaney showing some skin.

Gracie dug right in and chowed down

Gabby showed self restraint and used that one little finger to dig into the icing. Delish! (For anyone wondering, yes, they are wearing bikinis and grass was a luau!!)

Bennett enjoyed hanging out with Tyler T.

Scrambling for candy when the pinata came down!

I think this was their favorite gift of all (and there were a ton of gifts to choose from)...a wagon for two :) They giggled and laughed the entire time they were in there. Those Cook girls are too cute!!!

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