Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will Walk For Ice Cream

Scott took the boys to the Legion baseball game tonight. Cate and I are tired of watching baseball. I know, I know...we have years of baseball ahead of us...but last week we had six games and I'm a bit burned out. So, I decided to take Cate for a walk to the ice cream shop by our house. I loaded her up in her new HUGE jogging stroller and we were off.
Checking the straps to make sure she's all locked in

Waiting patiently in line for her ice cream cone


A sticky mess

This is the biggest stroller ever. In fact, the weight maximum is 80 pounds. Carter weighs in at only 79 pounds!!! Cate's feet may never reach the foot rests, but it must be very comfy because she loves riding in it.

Finishing off the night with a swim in the tub

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