Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had another fantastic Christmas season this year.  As always, it came and went way too fast...can't believe it's already the final day of 2012.  Hope everyone had a fabulous 24th & 25th!! 
In no particular order (I'm way too lazy for that today)....
Carter (15), Bennett (10), Cate (4), Brady (8)

Uncle Si shirt from Aunt Kathy

Uncle Joshie!

Carter's two new pairs of shoes.  Check out them PF Flyers...Sandlot Bennie "the jet" Rodriguez style!

Uncle Kenny gave the boys bb guns.  I recommend staying far away from our house!

Great Grandpa Bill, Carter, Bennett

The aftermath.  Ugh.

Carter hanging with Trevor. 

Cate loves her microphone!

"Mom, I want a cheetah pet for Christmas.  They can be found at any Walgreens, RiteAid, and Kmart store".  Guess she pays attention to the commercials!  Thanks MauMau :)

Brady's Duck Commander shirt

Throwing food out for the reindeer

Santa brought Bennett an iPhone!

Wig is just a tad bit darker than her natural hair...looks so funny when she wears it

Got Christmas? 

Shiny silver hotpants :)

Christmas morning wore Carter out and he slept at BauBau's for hours

With the addition of a 2nd xbox, the boys now have systems downstairs and in their room.  Throw in 7+ new games, and I have yet to hear "I'm bored" all break.

Spying on Cate in her room.  She loves to rock out with that microphone!!!

Fwannie bought Cate a "real" Cinderella dress and glass slippers. Love it!!

Six days have passed and I have yet to find my living room floor.  Hoping to take all Christmas decor down tomorrow and get back to reality.  Second semester starts Thursday!!!  Bring on 2013 :)

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