Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today has been crazy.  Felt like 72 hours crammed into 12, yet we had nothing on the calendar.  So weird.  Seems like it was just one thing after another all day long, but I still got nothing accomplished on my "to do" list.  And tomorrow we have two basketball games, two baseball practices, and one soccer game.  Ironically, it'll probably be a more relaxed day than today!
The day started with me and Cate rolling out of bed around 10:15ish :) Scott wanted to get a few books from the library so we dropped in there for a bit.  Cate got her first library card!!! 
When we got home, I put a roast in the crockpot for dinner.  I then ran to the grocery store to grab a cart full of crap.  (Schnucks has some serious sales this week!!!)  When I got home, the worst smell was coming from the kitchen.  Scott figured it was a new recipe and didn't bother to check out the stench.  I checked the crockpot and turns out there was a plastic Schnucks bag melting (and practically on fire) in between the crockpot and base.  You know how bad melted plastic bags smell?  Holy crap, it was awful.  So I switched the food to my 2nd crockpot and put the smelly one out back to air out.  And really...what kind of new recipe smells that bad??  I can't imagine what would have happened had I been gone all day!!!  Once I emptied the grocery bags, I discovered I bought more frozen foods than our freezer would hold.  Our garage fridge doesn't work so great when the weather is below freezing, so Scott decided to take it downstairs.  Stay tuned for that lovely story....
After I saved dinner, I sent Annie a text to tell her to let Trevor know that Aunt Debbie still loves him even though his selfish mother hasn't brought him by in a long time.  She immediately text me back and said she would drop him off while she ran to Target.  Yay me!!! I was so happy he was coming to visit so I could avoid doing laundry and dealing with my own children!!
Me and my BFF played and laughed for about an hour when I decided I he was tired.  We went to my room to lay down and I he quickly fell fast asleep.  Until our house shook because Scott dropped the refrigerator down our 14 basement steps.  Tied to a dolly.  On purpose.  Apparently, when all else fails, tie shit to a dolly and throw it down the stairs.  I jumped up and ran to the stairs to make sure there weren't any bodies under the huge fridge that was now laying on it's side at the bottom of the stairs.  Turns out, Carter actually does have some common sense and he jumped out of the way before Scott let go. (Obviously those two nutso's will never work at Two Guys and a Truck moving company).  Scott acted like nothing crazy had just happened and he picked the fridge back up, moved it to his desired location, plugged it in, and went back upstairs.  Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the damn twilight zone.  And whaddayaknow...turns out GE refrigerators can take a beating.  That sonofagun is back in action and currently freezing three $5-3lb bags of chicken breasts. Woot! Woot!

perfect profile

Once I made sure everything was under control, I jumped back in bed with my sleeping baby and not too much later his mama came in and woke us up and off he went.

Scott finished the tile backsplash tonight (minus the outlet covers that I have yet to decide on) and installed a new garbage disposal....he's turning into quite the handyman!!! 

Brady had two friends over until 10pm and they ran wild through the house...Scott and I kept checking the clock begging time to pass quickly so we could get the rugrats home and go to bed.  It was a long friggin' day!!!

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