Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012, Part 1

This Thanksgiving was one of the best that I can remember.  It was a very laid-back, relaxing day filled with our favorite people and awesome food.  And the weather was stellar...bonus!!
After watching the Macy's Day Parade, we headed to Fran and Mike's for lunch with Scott's family
I still haven't graduated from the kids table! (No elbows on the table, and napkins were in laps.  Woot! Woot!)
But the food was delicious at every table :)
Cate was capturing Grammy, Bau Bau, and Fwannie hard at work doing dishes
The weather was a warm 70 degrees so we walked to Shaw Park to burn off some calories
Brady kicked his ball into the Brown Shoe Co. sculpture!
Of course they played some ball at the park
This is Cate's idea of heaven....getting to lay down while swinging. Lazy.
While we were at the park, Carter and Mike took naps in the basement
Cousin Jenny and Cate before dessert
Carter is working hard to get Mike to gift him the Porsche for his 16th birthday!  Dream on sucka!

Next Up...Thanksgiving Day Part parents house!

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