Sunday, December 16, 2012

my "extra" kids

Yes, I only have four kids of my own, but each week I am lucky enough to spend lots of time with a few "extra" kids.  Miss Hadley spends all day every weekday with me and her big brother Tyler before and after school....and my GREAT nephew Trevor drops in on Tuesdays and any other day that I get a call from his mama that sounds something like "Hey Deb, whaaaatcha doin' today?"  I love answering my phone to hear that :)

Babysitting is a huge commitment to say the least.  I've only "called off" one time four years ago due to a bad case of the flu. I even had a hysterectomy on a Tuesday in September, and Hadley and Trevor were back the following Monday.  I take my job very seriously because I know their parents depend on me.  I'm like the friggin' mailman...rain, sleet, snow.  And besides, it's fun.  Hadley and I have a kick ass morning routine and everyone from Target to Schnucks is very familiar with our shopping skills :)  And after we pick Cate up from school we often spend our afternoons at the park. When Trevor is over I spend most of the day taking A LOT of pictures!  Which brings me to the point of this recent pictures of two of my favorite people :)

Last week when I opened Hadley's car door to get her out, she had these zebra ears on.  I hadn't seen them since Carter's "animal day" during Homecoming week in October and I have no idea where she found them.  I assume they were in the pocket of my seat since it's the only thing she can reach while in the car seat, but I really have no clue.  Cracked me up, she wore them ALL day!

Looking for Cate..they have the best time together!
I may take more pictures of Trevor than I did of Cate at this age.  That's A LOT of pictures.

He makes the very funniest faces.  I laugh at almost every picture I happy and goofy.

Throwin' gangsta signs at his dawg....

"Woah! What the....... how'd you get over here?"

"Ooooooh not the monkey again"

"I karate chop monkey...HIIII YAAAA"
"Duuude, totally laid him out. "

"Well, hello there handsome" 

"Yeah, we're lookin good"

This how he looks at me when I put the camera away...he's sad (or in total shock).  Baby boy loves showing off for the camera!
Love that I get to spend so much time with these kiddos!

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Adriane said...

We miss you, Mailman Debbie!!