Sunday, December 23, 2012

party it up

The week before Christmas break is always crammed full of school family-fun-days, Christmas programs, and class parties...I'm so thankful that I'm able to attend all of this good stuff!!!
On Thursday, Cate's pre-school hosted a family fun day for all of the classes (they have 12 classes in the morning and 12 in the afternoon).  Each of the rooms held a different activity and the main conference room hosted Santa.  Cate and Hadley had a great time and because Carter is once again grounded, he joined us as my "manny" (or Hadley chaser).  He was a huge help, but still grounded :(
Making a bow wreath
Posing in front of her handprint from last months McTeacher Night

Friday was Pajama Day and her class party. Although I love attending these parties, I hate volunteering at them. Preschool kids are kinda gross and I really hate getting my hands dirty, so making Gingerbread house creations and anything with glue makes me want to hide in the hallway until all such activities are finished. My friend Candi and I aren't much help at these should see us stuff treat bags into backpacks while trying not to touch anything in the lockers. But I guess the teachers figure bad help is better than no help and we continue to get asked back :) 
hot chocolate!
"snow ball" fight in the gym
almost broke a sweat
attacking Mrs. C
Cate and her buddy Ryan (who lives across the street)

That morning Carter delivered Christmas food baskets to our towns neediest families.  This is a really great program that Student Council runs for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Every morning a few Stu Co representitives stop in each classroom to beg for money :) (There is a video floating around somewhere of Carter rappin' in John Moads class to encourage kids to donate more.  I would reeeaally like to see this.) Student Council then counts and runs tabs until the deadline.  They were able to raise $6749 to spend on food and filled over 120 baskets.   Carter, along with most of the other members of StuCo, are pretty sheltered from poverty and it's a very eye-opening experience...Carter talks about the families and the homes he sees long after the project is over.

Friday was also Bennett and Brady's class parties.  (Friday was a busy day, right?!)  As a result of the CT school shooting the week prior,  our school limited room parents to four per class.  I was in charge of Brady's class but was able to run down to Ben's once to check on him. He totally ignored me.  Back in Brady's room, we played three games, decorated treat bags, ate pizza (the PTA treated every class to pizza!) and cupcakes.  Longest hour of my life!! 
Brady's classroom is huge and he only has 19 students so there's plenty of room to move around.  Made our relay races much easier.  (Notice the floors...the entire school has been stripped of their floors and are awaiting the new ones.  Only the gym is finished thus far..makes everything look blah. )

One game was to wrap your partner in crepe paper and decorate with stickers and a bow...human Christmas tree!

Brady and Maddox did a great job!

For the second game, the kids had to wear gloves while trying to open candy canes.  It took Brady about three seconds, but everyone else struggled!
This picture makes me smile :)  How often do you laugh like Omari?  Happiness is contagious!!

Nick, Brady, and Hector.  Hectors parents own my favorite Mexican restaurant and I barely resisted the urge to ask for a donation of the white cheese for the party!!!

End of school celebrations means Christmas break has finally arrived!!!  Looking forward to the next 12 days of sleeping in!

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