Friday, September 21, 2012

Patriots Day

Each year on 9/11, Worthen School celebrates Patriots Day.  This year, a few 5th graders were chosen to write a small speech about the flag they were presenting...Bennett carried flag # something.  7 maybe?  No clue and the program is already tucked away into his 'School Memory' box in the basement.  Anyway, he gave his speech describing the significance of his flag, and then he and a classmate held his flag for the remainder of the ceremony.  Brady's class made patriotic hats to wear and sang several songs throughout the presentation.  Very cool stuff. 

A little bright for Brady :)

Bennett reading his speech.  He spoke slow and clear and remained calm...just like we practiced.

There were 15 flags total

I had never attended a Patriots Day celebration before because I thought it was just the kids standing around the flag pole singing a few songs and that was it.  However, when Ben told me he had a significant part in the presentation...the night before....I knew it was something I didn't want to miss.  I tried calling everyone to join us, but my dad was the only one who made it.  Of course he thought it was "absolutely unbelievable"...his answer to all things mediocre and beyond :)  But it really was a great assembly...the kids were all well behaved and I love hearing children sing patriotic songs.  I could just hear my Grandma Georgia joining them in song at the top of her lungs
 God Bless the USA!

We dropped Cate off at preschool and headed back to Worthen.  Hadley loved listening to the kids sing and I brought plenty of snacks to help her get through the speeches :)
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