Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day

GC holds a Labor Day parade each's basically a very long parade of union workers walking behind trucks and on an election year, lots of politicians.  Throw in a few firetrucks, the school band, lots of candy and we've got a party!  We met up with Jen, Harper, Delaney, Grammy, Aunt Kathy, Jon, and baby Trevor...good times!! :)
Harper, Cate, and Delaney...ready for some candy!

One of my sisters friends dumped his entire bucket of candy out for the kids.  Good thing Cate and Harper have older siblings willing to do the work while they enjoy the goods!
 Labor Day also marks the end of summer and the closing of our pool :(  The temperature wasn't exactly swim-worthy, but no way were they going to miss the last day!  Warning: lots of pictures below

Making her tread water in 11ft deep water is probably bad parenting, but I wanted to get a good picture!

Pick it girl!

Good bye lazy days of summer and kick-butt tans.  Hello jeans and sweatshirts, football, chili, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Guess that's not such a bad trade off.
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