Saturday, September 1, 2012


He used to steal my keys and run to the car....

And now...well, he still does that, but now he's legit!  

Fifteen.  Who woulda thought?! And after the last four weeks with him, I wasn't positive he was going to live that long.  But, let's focus on the good.  Carter got his driving permit!!!  His birthday is 8/5, making him one of the youngest in his class (cut-off is 9/1), so we signed him up for a driving school outside of his highschool.  Otherwise, he wouldn't have had the class until January and who knows when he would have gotten his permit.  And nowadays, you have to have your permit for nine months before you can get your license which means he would have had to wait until after his 16th birthday which is completely out of the question.  I can't wait for him to drive!!!  So, I pulled him out of lunch on Thursday and took him to the DMV for the big test.  30 minutes later, he was legal.  I didn't let him drive back to school because I had Cate and Hadley with me but he and Scott have racked up about 3 hours of driving time in the last 3 days.  Scott even woke him up this morning to see if he wanted to go cruising.  I had to run to the bank this afternoon and Carter was more than eager to take me.  He is actually a really great driver...very calm, cautious, and confident which is going to make this a lot easier for me and Scott.  However, he is now the worst passenger!  He comments on everything I do wrong and it makes me wish I had an eject button. Did you know that you're supposed to drive 9 & 3 now instead of 10 & 2?  What the heck??! 
Fifteen also means Carter has started his sophomore year.  Yesterday was the big Welcome Back Rally at school and his class color is blue.  He got all dressed up and had a great time.  Such a great way to start the school year off....SOPHOMORES! SOPHOMORES! OOOH! AHHH!

I love the shirts this year.  Took me an entire day to realize the GC was the apple logo :)

The following pictures were stolen from his facebook page.  I love that I can count on his girls to take pictures at school so I can see what's going on! 

Here's hoping Carter has another fabulous school year!!! 
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