Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Brady took a major dive off his bike this afternoon....later, I found Brady and Jack attempting to make vinegar bombs in our backyard....currently, all three of my boys are downstairs beating the crap out of each other.  I'm ignoring everyone.  Just another day in paradise. 

Enjoy some random pictures!
No explanation needed!
Green Machine had another successful 3v3 tournament last weekend!

Cate always seems to wander off in Target and I find her in the most random places :)

Bennett guest played with the E'ville Tigers last weekend.  I have to admit, it was really hard to cheer for the Tigers ;)

When Cate is quiet, bad things are happening.  Like she's trying on EVERY piece of clothing in her room..and then throwing them on the floor.  But, sometimes 30 minutes of peace is worth it :)

Swim Banquet

Trevor stopped by today!
Outfit change for the both of them!
I love that Trevor knows to cover his ears when he's at our house!

Bennett LOVES this baby!

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