Thursday, August 2, 2012

Greatness was born....

Of course I'm talking about me and Scott becoming "Great".  On Tuesday, we welcomed our Great nephew, Trevor into our family.  Sweet little cherub face with long and lanky arms and chicken legs...the perfect mix of his parents :)  Annie had a fairly easy labor (especially once the epidural kicked in!), and the biggest crowd the hospital waiting room has ever seen.  Cody did awesome too and is one proud papa!   So much love for little Trevor already. 
Trevor James Rivenburgh.  7lbs 2 oz, 19 inches long
"Hey, what's all this commotion about?"

Annie did so great throughout her entire pregnancy and especially during her labor.  Hoping she gets plenty of rest in the next few weeks before her college soccer season starts :)

Sweetest baby ever!

Carter was able to go to the hospital to see Trevor...he couldn't wait to tell B,B & C that he held him first :)

Cate's reaction to her finally meeting her baby cousin...."When Annie falls asweep, I'm gonna sneak into her room and steal Trevor to our house" and "You was right Mom, Baby Trevor is the same size as my American Girl boy doll". 
Bennett isn't a man of many words, but he did say "I just can't believe how little he is, I had no idea he was going to be that small."  And then he received a text message and he was over it.

This picture worries me.  Both Brady and Trevor have "up to no good" smirks on their faces.  I think secrets have already been told and trouble is on its way!!! 

more baby updates to come, stay tuned......
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