Sunday, August 5, 2012

Most Dedicated....

At tonight's swim meet banquet Brady was awarded the "Most Dedicated Award".  Our swim coach, Celeste, (who has been coaching for over 30 years) is kinda long-winded at the swim banquet each year (it lasts more than 3 hours!) and in addition to the medals each swimmer receives, she chooses a few kids to award special honors.  She gives a long speech about each recipient and then gives them a copy of her speech.  Here is what she had to say about Brady.....
"Our male 'most dedicated award' belongs to a young man who caught my eye early last summer at a very young age and continues to amaze me and other coaches with his drive, hard work, attitude, and positive determination to go after the big, big goals.

About two weeks before the end of the season he told me he wanted to break Pat Curry's record and then shortly after that he asked me what it would take to win a High Point Award at the championship meet.  I was taken back thinking 'ok kid, you are a young one'- and then I thought twice about who was asking me this question and tried to explain how the scoring was done for High Point!

This guys placed 2nd in 25 Fly, 3rd in 25 Back, and 3rd in 50 Free which earned him a third place High Point Award! AMAZING-he is only 7!!!

This guy eyes up the competition- not to check out how big they are- but rather to pump himself to swim hard and beat them no matter who they are!  He works out at 10:45 with the older boys and often goes first- and is not afraid of any hard set!  I can see the next few years as being his very best- for he is getting stronger and smarter with each new summer!

I plan to use this young swimmer as my permanent anchor relay swimmer because he never gives up.

Congratulations.....BRADY SMALLIE!"

At the beginning of the program, she asked the three High Point winners (Noah & Maia Cain & Brady) to stand up and had this to say about Brady.....

"After the championship meet when they called the High Point winners up, the other two 8 & under winners were huge.  Like, they looked me in the eye!  When they lined up, I could see the other two boys eye Brady up and I thought "You boys have no idea what you're messing with, this kid is only 7 years old"

Congratulations Brady.  You worked so hard this summer and your dedication and focus really paid off!!!
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