Saturday, August 4, 2012

Founders Day

A few weeks ago our friends Joe & Beth text me and asked if we wanted six tickets to Founders Day at Busch Stadium.  I enthusiastically said "yes" without having any clue what Founders Day was, but I knew the boys would appreciate anything having to do with the Cardinals.  Turns out it is a "thank you" event for the season ticket holders and we had a great time!

Everyones closets are full of Cardinals gear except Cate's.  We had to dig through Brady's old stuff to find this t-shirt.  Good thing she can still fit in a 2T!!

Best part of the day was FREE FOOD.  And let me tell you, the Smallie's know how to take advantage of FREE FOOD! 6 hot dogs, 4 brats, 2 nachos, 2 pretzels, 3 peanuts, 12 sodas, popcorn, and 6 bottles of water.  For real.

There was no baseball game being played so we were able to explore the entire stadium. The kids loved walking the field, seeing the World Series Trophies in the Champions Club, and getting baseballs autographed by current players.

Checking out the bullpen

He's going to need a little more spring in his step to a rob a hitter of a homerun!

Cate is not a fan of the sun :)

We spent a lot of time in the VERY air-conditioned game room

What's unusual about this picture??  Absolutely nothing.  This is the scene at home everyday :)

Famous David Freese scene

Cate lined up for the pitching game

She was throwing the heat !

Next, she decided to spend some time in the batting cages

Lefty batter....

Carter and I sat down while the others stood in line for an autograph.  I thought we were having a great conversation until he said "so, what kind of car are you thinking about buying me.  I have 3 favorites saved on my computer...."  I didn't even let him finish, just walked away :)

A few more autographs before we left

If you ever get the chance to attend Founders Day, I would highly recommend it.  It wasn't very crowded and the kids loved going down on the field, into the clubhouse and all of the other things that are normally off limits to the fans.  Oh, and did I mention all of the concession stands were open and just handing out FREE FOOD and drinks, and ice cream?  Thank you Busch Stadium for treating us to breakfast, lunch, and dinner ;-)
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