Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wildest Weekend Ever!

Holy crap!  Last weekend was our busiest weekend yet.  We put 595 miles on our cars and our boys played 16 baseball/soccer games. Carter had a highschool baseball tournament at McCluer North, Brady had a soccer tournament in Belleville AND a baseball tournament in Jacksonville IL, and Bennett had a baseball tournament in Bridgeton.  Huge thanks to all of our family who helped get the boys where they needed to be and cheered them on...we definitely couldn't have done it without you!

Friday night, Scott had his own ballgames, so I took Brady and Cate to Brady's 8:30pm baseball game in Jacksonville...90 minutes away. 
Having to stop so Brady could take a potty break ;) He's somewhere in those trees!

Ready to cheer on her favorite baseball boy! Go Brady! (Friday)

On Saturday, I spent the morning watching Brady play soccer and then we headed to Bennett's afternoon game.  FYI, there is no fast way from Belleville to Bridgeton.  I have no pictures of Ben or Carter's games...sorry guys ;)  Grateful to Fran and Mike for keeping Cate company at Ben's games and for treating 3/4 of the Smallie Clan to lunch!!

On Sunday, Brady had a semi-final soccer game at 7am.  Thankfully his semi-final baseball game wasn't until 3:20, so after soccer, we headed back to Jacksonville.  Grammy took Bennett to his games and my parents met them there, so Scott got to go with me, Brady, and Cate to J'ville.  It was so nice (and unusual) to be able to spend the entire day together!!  Brady's team played awesome and ended up winning the tournament.  They are so fun to watch!
Pre-game Sunday.  It was H.O.T. (Frog towels are the very best...we keep them in a cooler full of ice water to cool everyone off.)

Scccoooorrreeebbboooarrrdddd!!!  18-8 Championship Game. 

8U Tournament Champions. 

Woo to the Hoo!  Best 2nd basemen eva :)

Carter (1st place baseball tournament), Bennett (2nd place baseball tournament), Brady (1st place baseball tournament, semi-finals soccer tournament!)  Very successful weekend for all three boys!  

Brady's baseball trophy only lived 2.5 hours.  Oops.

Ready to root! root! root! for Illini!  Yes, I'm aware the headband is not made to be worn like that, but tell that to her :)  I am soooo thankful that she is so laid back and able to tolerate a very long weekend of games.  Baby Cate earned herself a new pair of shoes (or three!)

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