Monday, May 7, 2012

Field Trips

May, otherwise known in the school world as "cram everything in to the final two weeks" is pretty much chaos every day until the final bell rings on the 15th (WOOHOO!).  Field trips, projects, spring pictures, yearbooks, award ceremonies, graduations, the list goes on and on.  Field trips are my least favorite.  I know they are the kids favorite day of the year, but I am not a fan of anything messing with my normal daily schedule :)  Scott took a day off school to go with Bennett and his class to Cahokia Mounds and I went with Brady and his class last week to Grant's Farm.

I have no pictures from Bennett's trip, but I do know it was very cold.  Fast forward one week, and I nearly died from the heat at Grant's Farm.  And for those that have been to GF, you know it's a sauna with little air movement on even the nicest days.  Ugh!  But, regardless of the extreme swing in weather, both boys had a great time on their day trips and I'm happy that Scott and I were able to go with them again this year.  This makes year 10 of never missing a field trip and year 10 that I am so grateful that my kids do not have to ride a bus to school!  The smell, the heat, the thank. you.

Greg, Maddox, and Brady  

Since I don't have pictures from Bennett's Cahokia Mounds trip, I will add these from his brief field trip to the Old Six Mile Museum.  It is directly across the street from their school and each year, the 4th graders from Worthen, walk to the museum gardens to plant tomato plants.  They then come back in the fall as 5th graders to harvest their plants.  It's a really cool program and the kids really enjoy it.

My dad, the Master Gardener :), explaining the Garden Club to a class.

Bennett was a little bit embarrassed to have me there taking pictures :)

But not nearly as embarressed as when his Aunt Kathy showed up wearing her "I'm The Crazy Aunt You've Been Warned About" tshirt!  Muahahahahahaha!

Poor Cody slaving away while everyone watches him work. 

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