Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have so many new blog posts to write, but my Internet is down for awhile.  I ordered service from a different provider and didn't realize our old service would cut off before the new one is installed.  I obviously didn't plan this out too well.  I do have a hotspot on my phone, which enables me to use the Internet on Carter's laptop, but none of my files or pictures are on here, and all of this is just making it very difficult to get anything done.  Oh, and it's summer break and I have one million projects going, a baby shower to plan, four kids and a husband in my face all day, and at least two extra kids scrounging through our pantry at any given moment.  FUN! 
We hung out with Great Grandma BauBau today and Cate worked on perfecting her jumps and dives.  And she doesn't need a floatie anymore...!!hooray!! for one less thing to cram in our swim bag!!! 

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