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First day of preschool August 2011
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Last day of preschool May 2012

 Last Tuesday, Cate's preschool class held a graduation for the kids moving on to kindergarten in the fall.  Cate and the rest of the 3-4 year olds received certificates congratulating them on a great first year and welcoming them back for next year.  This school year has been really great for Cate.  If you remember from last summer, I was dead set on NOT sending her to preschool.  She seemed so little to me and I didn't want to give up my one-on-one time with her just yet.  I went back and forth over this for weeks and finally came to the conclusion that even though I was not ready for it, she was.  On her first day of school, she cried for me to stay with her and her first day  nearly became her last!  No way was I sending a crying baby to school...there was just no need for it, I was home everyday.  Unfortunately, that night, Cate asked to go back the next day and as much as I tried to discourage her, she insisted.  And she has loved it everyday since.


The theme of this years graduation was "when I grow up....".  Each student created a poster declaring their plans for the future and they were all displayed on the wall behind the podium.  Mrs. Biewald introduced each kid by what they want to be when they grow up. Great theme except for Cate's issues with growing up.  See, she's not going to!  She is very adamant that she does not want to get bigger or have another birthday or turn five.  She is NOT growing up. Mrs. Biewald told me a few times that in the past week when they would talk about what they want to be, Cate repeatedly told her that she's not growing up.  So, I was not shocked to see her poster hanging dead center on the wall declaring "I don't want to grow up"  HA!  I even tried the "don't you want to turn 16 and drive your own car??"  Her reply...."No, I like sitting in the back and looking at everything while daddy drives me around".  *sigh*, this could get ugly :)
Cate and her classmates lined up and sang the cutest songs :)
The future Mr. & Mrs. Reid Parker ;)

Mrs. Biewald is honestly the very best teacher in the whole world! She is the most compassionate, hard working, kind, patient, loving woman and both Brady and Cate have been so blessed to begin their school careers with her. 

Of course Hadley had to get in on the action!  Thanks mom for joining me and helping me wrangle Hadley when she made her move to run!

Cate, Macee, Avery, and Taytum...they've had a great time playing together this year and Cate will miss them when they move on to kindergarten in the fall!
I am so happy that Cate has one more year in preschool with Mrs. Biewald and the other awesome teachers at ECC!  I can't even think about next years graduation....
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