Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baseball Season Is Here

Baseball season is officially upon us. Pre-season games are a thing of the's time for the real stuff now. Carter's freshman team is playing at least twice a week with practices on non-game days and Bennett and Brady's Team Illini teams have kicked off their seasons as well. This was my schedule for Saturday:
I look at that schedule and wonder how I even got out of bed on Saturday :)

Carter's team is doing really well...they've got some absolute studs on the team. He's getting more and more playing time each game and is still loving it. I love to watch his team play. (My only picture of him thus far...apparently it's embarrassing when your mom enters the dugout to get a better shot. Whatev.)

Brady's 8U team won their round-robin tournament Saturday in Greenville. I think they won both games by more than 17 runs. Brady is playing 2nd base and batting first in the line-up. His team is REALLY good and I think we're going to mow down every team we play. For real.

Bennett's 10U team also played in their first tournament this weekend. They ended up winning all four games including the championship game Sunday night. Bennett takes his baseball very seriously! He's catching this year and is all business behind the plate. He went 11 for 12 at bat and only grounded out once. I'm expecting big things from Mr. Baseball this season!
A tournament victory brings big smiles :)
Looking forward to adding more "dust collectors" to their rooms this season!

A great big "THANK YOU" shout-out to all of our family who show up to EVERY game to cheer the boys on (Bennett had 15 fans in the stands Sunday)...and to my father-in-law who helps me get B & B to practice throughout the week...and my parents who pick Carter up everyday after practice. There is no way we could do this without them. It definitely takes a village....

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