Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today was my first prom as a mom! Potentially only 15 proms left!! Carter and the rest of the Student Council underclassman had to work the senior prom tonight. In GC, seniors are the only ones who can buy tickets and they can (actually I think HAVE to) bring a date...but dates have to be sophmores or older. So, only six freshman are allowed in...the StuCo reps. Originally, Carter was not thrilled about this, but he soon warmed up to it and was really looking forward to tonight. Of course, last night he let me know that he can't find his dress slacks, his dress shirt no longer fits, and would like to wear suspenders. I think I'll keep notes of how much prom costs me over the 16 years. Year one=$112.

Me and my first born :)

Bennett was our official prom photographer and when he was ready to take this, Carter said "everyone smile and say if our family looked like this, our lives would be easier" Bennett did not find this funny. Everyone met at Abbie's house for pictures before her mom--> Meghan, and Mama Michelle drove them over to the hall. I believe there was some shopping planned and then they would pick them back up and take them to the highschool where the after-prom party is being held. ( glad I wasn't asked to volunteer!!)

Freshman Student Council...representing at prom :)

I'm sure they're having a great time and I will be posting more pictures soon...after I steal them off facebook pages!!!!

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