Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bennett's Birthday Dinner

After we dropped Carter off for the prom festivities, we decided tonight would be the perfect time to take Bennett out to celebrate his 10th birthday. He doesn't actually turn double digits until Monday, but with our schedule, well, it was either tonight or sometime in July :) He chose Joe's Crab Shack...duh. Not that he's ever been there, but for the last five years, every.time we drive by, he says "When can we go to Joe's Crab Shack???" Well, tonight was the night.
Bennett has never had crab meat before, but he's always anxious to eat anything that he's seen prepared and served on Food Network!! And who doesn't love wearing a bib?!
Even got one on Grandpa Duane! I'm thinking this must be framed and hung in our house, somewhere with high traffic :)
Uh-oh, someone let our waitress know that we're celebrating a birthday! (ok, it was me)
SuperBen got to wear a cape and run around the restaurant while everyone sang to him!!!I never would have thought he would do out of character for Mr. Ben
We will reward him with Bobby's Frozen Custard! And it became clear that we don't ever have to worry about Bennett finding a date to prom. Gross boys stay home on prom night :)
Little Bennie turns 10 Monday. BOOOOHOOOO!! Next year will be his last in elementary school. Double BOOOOHOOOO!! Time flies when you've got great kids! Happy Early Birthday B-Nut!!

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