Saturday, March 31, 2012


Last weekend we took our second sports trip of 2012 (the first being to Disneyworld in Jan.). I think this was like our sixth trip to Memphis for soccer/baseball. We didn't leave until after Brady's 6pm soccer game Friday night so we didn't arrive in Memphis until after 11:30pm. Our hotel was really nice and each room had a full-size refrigerator and stove, but the beds were tiny. Scott and Cate slept on the floor the first night and Ben the second night. Hotel rooms are never large-family friendly.

The tournament was a college showcase (how can our boys be that old??) and Carter's team played some very tough competition in each game. One team was the #2 ranked team in Mississippi and one was an Olympic Developmental team from Kentucky...but we held our own and the boys played awesome. Carter scored a great goal during the second game and received a yellow card for an illegal tackle. What a badass. Ha!

This picture makes me laugh. Can you tell which player has been trained in the picture taking department? Bottom row, first from left. Yes, Carter knows what to do when I have a camera :)

Cate was in her own world during all three games. She must have been telling all kinds of stories because she was gesturing with her arms and swaying those hips...I love her imagination!

Presenting Coach Paz with a plaque in honor of his father who passed away a few weeks ago. They had a brick engraved at the entrance to the GC sports complex.
Pool time!Carter's Saturday games were early which meant we had plenty of time to hit Beale Street Saturday night. We ate at Blues City Cafe and we all gave it a 5-star rating. Delish!Carter and the Deyong boys :)
Brady loved watching "the flippers" on Beale Street. I could just see the wheels turning in his head 'all they have to do is flip down the street and people fill their buckets full of money'. It was no surprise that he spent Sunday night perfecting his back flips on our trampoline! Guess he's already over being an ice skating Prince!
The weather was absolutely perfect the entire weekend. Cate finally found herself some shade :)We left as soon as the game was over and decided to stop at the Commissary for lunch. It was an excellent little bbq place in Germantown...cute little town where the churches look like real churches. I loved the small-town feel and the tree lined streets. Once our bellies were filled, we hit the road for home. All four kids slept the entire way from Memphis to Arnold, MO...meaning we had four full hours of peace and quiet. I tried to doze off too while Scott was able to turn on a sports channel and listen to spring training games. Life is good :)
I'm so glad we were able to make the trip as a family...we originally decided I would take Carter and Cate and Scott would stay back to go to Ben's basketball game and Brady's baseball games on Sunday, but in the end we just figured our time would be better spent if all six of us could enjoy a weekend together and not rushing all over the place. It was a good choice because we really did have a lot of fun. Next in Kansas City. Or maybe Kentucky/Indiana. I can't remember. Somewhere...soon!

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