Saturday, April 28, 2012


Woohoo for a weekend with only one kid playing sports!  Woohoo for a hail storm that cancelled that one kids sports!  Boohoo for sons who play baseball in the backyard through said storm and drag mud throughout my house...that I had just cleaned.

While cleaning the living room windows, I looked outside to see this...

Holy Hail!  Worst storm I've ever seen.  Thankfully our cars were left undamaged, but my nephews front window was busted and he has dents all over his car :( 

I guess Brady was so excited to go outside that he grabbed the first two shoes he found!

When I looked out the back window, I witnessed Carter do this...

No way Brady was missing out on the fun!

The 1st baseline was flooded and the perfect place to play an intense game of hot-box.  Bennett played too, but from a dry spot under the tree.  He's no dummy!

Brady's bath water after Scott hosed him down. Aren't boys gross?!?
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