Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Highschool Baseball

I think I mentioned before that Carter decided to try out for the highschool baseball team the day of try-outs. He went back and forth over the decision all winter. He hasn't played ball in over two years and I think he was worried about not being able to keep up with the kids who have been playing select forever...not to mention the fact that he's literally the smallest kid in school. In the end, he was more worried about letting Scott down, so he decided to give it a go. He made the team and has loved every minute of it! I'm so grateful for this, because I really thought he'd get on the team and then not really want to play and complain about practice six days a week, etc. But, I should have known better. Carter is so social and loves to be part of a team and he probably thinks it's a lot better to hang out with friends after school than with his crazy mom :) He really enjoys the guys on his team and he loves his coaches...Coach Harris and his ridiculous jokes/sayings leaves Carter laughing long after practice has finished.
They've only had two practice games so far. One vs. the JV team (which Scott coaches) and the other was a 100 inning fundraiser. Coaches pitched that game and each player came up to bat with two strikes already so they really only got one swing of the bat (to keep the game moving). Carter did really great...he had a few hits and did really well at 2nd base. Well, he did great until varsity Coach Moad started throwing him nasty curve balls because I'm beating him in the NCAA basketball bracket...and saying things to embarrass him like "Caaarrtteerrr, say hi to mommy. Wave to mommy so she can take your picture". Carter did not find this funny...the downside to having a dad that coaches. Ha! And FYI, Moad and I are currently tied for first in the basketball pool...WOOHOO!

It was fun to watch Scott (aka Uni.bomber look-a-like with the hoodie/sunglasses) coach first while Carter was playing. Just like Little League...the good ole' days!

Highschool baseball season is also Bennett and Brady's favorite time of year. They love going to the practices and games and hanging out on the bench with the team. On days when they do not have their own practices, I drop them off at the highschool field and they stay with Scott during practice. They absolutely love this. The boys on the team are so good to them and include them in everything they do.

HOWEVER, the teams are filled with highschool boys and we all know how they are. So, not only are Bennett and Brady improving their baseball skills, they're also improving their vocabulary. Ahem. Not so good. The other night, Bennett mentioned to me and Scott that someone was a "douchebag" and Brady told me to "suck this" last night. Both were mortified when they realized what they were saying was completely inappropriate and I think Scott will be having a little talk about dugout language. Boys are so much fun, right?!

As fun as baseball season is for the boys, it's rather long for Cate. Games with no time limits=having to come up with ways to entertain yourself. Cate has always been really good at this and I help as much as I can by packing her a bag filled with goodies and toys and we sometimes take her scooter so she can ride around. She's usually on the hunt for dirt to dig in or something to climb...and her imagination is always buzzing. I love to watch her tell stories and play make-believe when she thinks no one is watching :)


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