Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am ALWAYS looking for ways to make things easier for myself and recently I've stumbled upon two different products that have changed my life in the two areas of parenting that I hate most...laundry and scheduling. Cue the angels singing

First up...TIDE PODS. Detergent, stain remover, and brightener all rolled up into one squishy little gel pack. Brilliant, I tell you. I just throw one in the bottom of the drum before each wash and I'm done. Holla! No more measuring messy liquids and buying three different products. And the best part is that they come in a cute little bowl dispenser thing with a pop-up lid and I can tell exactly how many more loads I can do before I have to buy more.

I realize I'm probably late to the game with this next product, but I was recently introduced to the Google calendar and it has definitely already changed my life in the three short days since I started using it. Our spring (and fall) schedules are a nightmare and for the last nine years I've stuck to a very "old school" way of figuring things out...a paper calendar. Lame, I know. Although it's a very efficient way to display our schedule, I was unable to access it from anywhere other than the kitchen which was a bit inconvenient, to say the least. Another soccer parent suggested Google Calendar and showed me how to get started....cue the angels singing. I still use our trusty calendar, but I then input the information into the Google calendar on my desktop and it syncs to my phone...and Scott's. So now, no matter where we are, we can check what's going on or update as needed. And we can subscribe our family members to the link and they can get the updates too....because you know the Smallie sporting events are a family affair!

From this.....

To this.......
To this.....
Love. It's especially nice that Scott can be up-to-date on our whereabouts since he's sort of out of the loop during baseball season. Oh, and if you think my calendar looks a bit bare, that's because I didn't bother writing in Carter or Scott's 6 baseball practices a week. And I was going to show this demonstration using my April calendar, but it's so depressing that I literally tear up when I look at it.....imagine TWICE as much stuff written

So there ya have endorsement of two products that are helping to keep me sane (as if that were possible). Now if I could just figure out a way to control the socks situation in our house, I'd be one very happy mom!

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