Monday, March 26, 2012

Disney On Ice

On Thursday, I made a last minute decision to take Cate to Disney on Ice. She has been watching the promos on the Disney website for the last four weeks but had no idea it was in town. It was only in StL Thurs-Sunday and since we were going to Memphis for the weekend, I wasn't sure that we'd be back by the final 5pm show on Sunday. However, I really really really did not want to go Thursday. I was so tired, had a million things to do before we left Friday, and it was the only day in forever that we didn't have anything on the calendar. I mean, I REALLY did not want to go. But sometimes you gotta take one for the team. Bottom line is, there are few days when Cate is not dragged to a sports practice or game and she always goes without complaint, so putting everything on hold to give her a magical night would be well worth it :)
It was 5:00 before I decided we would go for it and the show was at 7:00, so I had to call the box office to make sure they still had tickets available. I asked Ben if he wanted to go- "thanks, but no thanks" and then I asked Brady- "Not really, but I think Cate will enjoy it more if I'm there". Exactly how I thought that was going to go. I then text Scott and told him we were heading to D. O. I....and because nothing I do shocks him anymore he answered me with a simple "have fun and take pictures". Are we a good team or what?! I sent Carter the same text and he answered "who is going to feed me?" Exactly how I thought that was going to go too :)
I was a little nervous about taking this on by myself. I'd never bought tickets at a box office before and the whole parking situation had me worried. We left at 5:30 and thankfully were some of the first ones there. I was able to get a parking spot in the garage...street level...directly in front of the exit....AND I backed in to my spot. I have never been so impressed with myself (except for the time I drove to the zoo the week after I got my license and parallel parked on my first try in the tightest spot ever. That moment will live with me forever!) I was really bummed that Brady didn't appreciate my mad parking! With a huge grin plastered to my face, we walked to the box office. I was willing to pay top dollar for the best available seats because what's the point of taking young kids to a show that they can't see?? The lady showed me the best available...dead center stage, twenty rows off ice. Yes, please! Ticket price? $13.50 each. Opening night special...holla!
Turns out the seats were handicap seats that didn't sell, so they released them to the very lucky few who made last minute decisions :)
Cate was in heaven. She squealed and giggled throughout the entire two hour show. And as with everything Disney, it was a great performance! This D.O.I was the story of Tiana, Cinderella, and Rapunzel, although all of the princesses were in it along with some Disney characters. Cate knew all of the story lines and followed along great and even shouted out what would happen next "the Fairy Godmother is coming!" "it's almost midnight!" "don't kiss the frog!". Brady really loved it too and is thinking of becoming a skating Prince rather than a paramedic when he's grown up.
We ran into some friends and the usher let them sit with us...Brady thought it was cool to sit with Mikey and Dylan! Because of my rockstar parking, it only took us 14 minutes to get from the exit door to our driveway. And y'all know I don't break any speed limits. I just hit all the green light and traffic free lanes. When we arrived home, I told Scott the night was so perfect that I'm pretty sure the world was going to end! When all was said and done, I was double exhausted, had twice as much to do in half the amount of time but was so happy that I decided to go for it....I know it's a night we won't soon forget. Making memories people, that's what it's all about!!!

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Adriane said...

I love that you did this!!! You are writing their chapters full of memories! :-)