Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Bennett had a follow-up podiatrist appt yesterday and walked out of there in an air cast. His Sever's disease hasn't improved with the help of his orthotics, so he will wear the boot on his right foot for three weeks and then switch to his left foot. He can take it off for baseball practice/games, showers, and bed. He said he's never wearing shorts again :)

How funny is this picture of Brady sleeping?!?!

I bought the materials to make a bow-board to match Cate's new room color (light blue) months ago...finally pulled the trigger yesterday and I think it looks great! Coral and light blue polka dots...love it! Anyone need me to make them one? :)

Hadley has been coming over to play three days a week. Cate loves when she's in the bumbo seat! We literally read books to her all day long. Cate makes up a story by looking at the pictures then I'm supposed to finish the story off what she's said. Obviously, Hadley finds us very entertaining!

We have a house guest...Max! Uncle Josh is in NC for business until June 1, and we got custody of the dog (ahem, Duane and Elaine, you owe me big!) I had never seen Max before and from the hair in front of his eyes, I'm guessing he hasn't seen much either!!! The kids are all about Max...he gives high-fives, so they pretty much think he's the greatest dog ever. He and Murphy are getting along just fine and I'm anxious to see how he does with Buddy out back tomorrow. Murphy is very territorial, whereas Buddy is just a running fool, so I don't anticipate many battles. Playing together on the couch. More like, Murphy is holding on for dear life before psycho Max starts jumping up and down and finally off the couch and back on again. Every man for himself when wild Max is in town :) Cate said they're going to be the best buddies ever! Oh, and Carter gets to cut Josh's grass while he's away....I have forgotten to mention this to him. He's going to be thrilled!!!

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