Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long Weekend....

Our weekend in Memphis felt a little bit like this......

and this.....

and this

In reality, the actual time spent in Memphis was a lot of fun. However, the trip to and from was awful and it's hard to forget about that and remember only the good stuff :) Because my beloved van is in the shop for the next few weeks, we have a rental. It's a big SUV, but not nearly big enough for our family. There was fighting...lots and lots of fighting. One boy couldn't open his mouth without the other two jumping down his throat....every.single.time. It was seriously the worst behavior Scott and I have ever seen. Not in public of course...just when the car doors were closed. Terrible! Ok, I'm moving on......but just want to make my point clear...TERRIBLE!!

But and this little angel was perfect in the car and throughout the whole trip. She scored big points this weekend!! Here she is running through the misting sprinklers at the baseball fields.

Bennett played five games over four days....and he played awesome! The games were nicely spaced out, leaving us plenty of time to check out the city. Fran and Mike surprised us on Saturday by arriving a day earlier than planned. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then joined them Sunday morning at the Peabody Hotel to watch the ducks. The kids loved it!
The kids had front row seats....Carter took some great pictures.

My attempt at a group picture....I was kidding myself attempting one this weekend
(Brady is not crying in this picture....he was just a goofy mess all weekend!)

The Memphis Redbirds stadium was across the street and I wish we would have been able to go to a game...maybe next time!

Grammy, Bau Bau, and Papa drove down on Sunday. Everyone stayed in our hotel Sunday night and we had dinner at Corky's BBQ. It was delicious, well worth the wait, and our waitress was definitely one of the best waitresses we've ever had. It was a great time!

Seriously, whose child is this???

Kyan and Bennett

We let the boys bring the XBOX which ended up being a good thing. Some of the players have older brothers that Carter hung out with most of the trip and everynight we had at least 8 boys in our room til about midnight. I stocked up on magazines and sat in bed reading while they all hoot and hollered over xbox baseball. The boys had a great time and are already looking forward to our next tournament in Kansas City in July. Pray that my van is fixed by then :)

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