Saturday, May 7, 2011

Longest. Day. Ever.

Friday, May 6, was the longest day ever. Thankfully, I survived, so I'm going to post a boatload of pictures to highlight a few of the events.

I'll start with Thursday night...Brady's kindergarten program. Unreal that he's going to be in 1st grade next year. Anyway, each year, the kindergarten classes have a program in our middle school gym. Each class sings two songs and then all three classes sing five songs together. Followed by a slideshow of pictures set to songs that make everyone in the room cry :) Brady was so excited about singing in front of everyone and he had his own cheering section of 12!

Brady and Carlee before their performance

Walking into the gym with Alivia...

Sydney, Carlee, Brady, Alivia, we notice a pattern here?!

On Friday, I attended Brady's fieldtrip to the Butterfly House. Scott went with Ben's class to the zoo. 60+ kindergartners is a lot of work. A LOT. Brady was partnered with Matthew....I was told he looks up to Brady and is a hugger (ugh, we all know I'm not a hugger!). They both were very well behaved and made my job a lot easier.

A few of the parents were very alarmed when Brady perched himself on top of the rock. Definite third son syndrome (as we like to call it) because I didn't think twice when I saw him up there!

Matthew followed Brady around everywhere and was determined to get to the top of the rock with him. However, he was scared to death once he got close and I had to call a tall dad over to help him down!

Showing off his backwards climbing skills

Hanging out in the extremely hot and humid butterfly house

Immediately after we returned from the fieldtrip, we helped pass out flyers for the school community care project. We were assigned our street, so I pulled the wagon while Brady and Cate hung the papers on doors

Cate took her duties very seriously

And visited with all of the neighborhood dogs

An hour later we were done, and after a wardrobe change, headed to Scott's baseball game at the park. Bennett and Brady hung out in the dugout while Cate played with her friend Gus. They ran the bases and played in the rocks.

The Girls on the Run practice 5k was at the same park at 5:00, so I walked Cate and Gus to the running trail and we cheered the girls on with our cowbell and got high 5's from everyone.

After the first game, Scott's team was headed to SLUH to play again. I planned on driving the kids over to watch, but on our walk to the parking lot, Brady threw up everywhere. Once home, he felt better and was devastated that he was missing Scott's game, so he rode his bike down to Jack's house. By this time (7:00), I was exhausted and ready to call it a night. But things never work out like that, and Jack and Brady walked in begging to ride their bikes to the ice cream shop around the corner. I loaded Cate up in her stroller and off we went. As soon as we got back home, Brady threw up again....and again...and again...and it's 17 hours later and he's still throwing up. Very little sleep last night and I've bleached the bathroom more times than I care to think about. So glad yesterday is behind us and hoping Brady feels better soon!

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