Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From Bad to Good....

My weekend review.

Friday was bad. I was involved in a car accident. Not my fault. I feel like I need to verify this even before saying that everyone involved was ok. I had Ben and Cate with me and thankfully they were completely unaffected. In fact, as soon as I shut the car off, Bennett said "why are we stopping? I have a baseball game!". And I replied "because we were just in a car wreck!!!" And he said "but I have baseball!!!". Clearly, he was not hurt. And Cate never dropped her bag of Fruit Loops. However, my car was hurt :( Not that I love my van, but it is my second home and our family is paralyzed without it. So, the short version is that I was stopped at a stop sign and a young girl (21) was making a right turn onto the road I was on and either took the turn too wide or was trying to cut into the gas station next to me...either way, she slammed into my car. I could see it coming, in slow motion, and I was unable to do anything about it (except yell No! No! No!). The cop faulted her and her insurance is taking care of it. I had my car inspected today and the damage is just a bit less than $3000. Obviously it could have been a lot worse. We leave for Memphis on Friday, so I'm hoping our rental is delivered by then (which they say won't be a problem...famous last words). Great big shout out to my favorite Father-In-Law who immediately came and picked Bennett up from the scene and drove him all the way to Chatham for his baseball game. And another thank you to Cody for dropping by and watching Cate and Ben while I chatted with the police. And another thank you to the witness who pulled over and sat with me until the police got there, then gave a full report and has since talked to the insurance. I feel so much better knowing it's not my word vs. theirs.

On Saturday, Ben had two more games in Chatham and Brady had a soccer game and baseball game, so Scott went with Ben and Cate and I stayed home with Brady. But first, I got up super early and Beth and I cheered Jenna on at her first tiny triathlon. She did awesome..finishing 13th in the women's division. It was a lot of fun to watch and I loved being there to encourage her and not being the one competing :) We are going to do a triathlon relay in September...Jeanine is going to swim, Jenna's biking, and I'm running. I'm really looking forward to it!

Sunday called for more baseball in Chatham. We were all able to go this time (plus Aunt Frannie, Grammy, Bau Bau and Papa!). He had one game at 1 and if they won, they'd play again at 3. Through the 4th inning, we were winning 10-3. Then we fell apart. Let's just say we did not play at 3! And finally, Sunday night we had tickets (thanks Fran!) to Bon Jovi. Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Seriously, that man....I don't even know what to say. Simply amazing. Our seats were great and it was a much needed night out.

Here he crushed the ball out to the fence

I'm not a very good concert or movie-goer. I hate sitting still that long. I just can't do it. So, I busied myself by taking lots of pictures. It was probably annoying to those around me, but I can't help it! And besides, now I have some very good memories stored on my computer and framed around my house that I can stare at anytime I want :)
On Monday, Carter had his National Junior Honor Society ceremony welcoming the incoming 8th graders and honoring the current members.

Alina, Carter, and Abbie

Have I mentioned that highschool baseball season is over for Scott?? And Carter, Bennett, and Brady's soccer seasons are finished? And that there are only three more days of school??? I can't even express how grateful I am for this. Bring on summer!

Notice the bird nesting in my hanging plant :( Lots of yardwork/projects to be done once school is out!

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