Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kindergarten Dr. Appt

Our little Brady is starting kindergarten in less than a month. Boo hoo. He's definitely ready, but I'm not...who's going to take care of Cate all day?! Yesterday, he had his dreaded doctors appointment. I was dreading it, not him. He couldn't have cared less. He knew he was getting shots (even though he requested the "nasal spray" instead!) and Dr. W was so thankful that we were honest with him about it. He said a lot of parents make the mistake of not telling the kids and then after the appt, they're scared to go back. Not our Brady, he's a brave boy :) Four shots in the thigh. He held his breath the entire time but actually watched each one. The nurse told him he made her job a lot easier! We know how that goes..he makes our "job" a lot easier too. He's ready for his big shopping trip for a backpack and school supplies. It's finally his turn to go along with Bennett and Carter and pick out his own stuff!


Adriane said...

Good job, Brady! He looks so old in that picture! :-(

Anonymous said...

subturLook at that swimmers body - wow - broad shoulders, slim waist - he looks like a young Michael Phelps.