Monday, July 26, 2010

All-Star Game

Friday night was an All-Star kinda night. Kyan, Kadin, and Bennett were chosen to represent Team Illini in our league All-Star Game. And they did awesome! I think we went 7 for 8 in batting and Kyan scored the game winning run. Woohoo!! Need I mention that it was hot? I can't even describe how truly hot it was. Still like 104 degrees at breeze, no nothing. We baked. But we love our baseball boys and wouldn't have missed it for anything!

Kyan, Kadin, and Bennett

Warming up before the game

Who doesn't enjoy a bag of sunflower seeds during a baseball game?! And look at those bracelets...fancy

Brady sporting the rally cap for the last inning.

Perhaps he is giving me this look because I snuck through the other teams dugout and went onto the field to get a closer shot of him. I know, I know....I broke his "no girls on the baseball field" rule. Shame on me.

He recovered and was happy to display his game medal

Three All-Stars! (Bennett's sweaty hat will be getting a bath before the next game)

Five teams that represented our All-Star team....and we won the game 21-20!!!! Way to go boys!

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