Thursday, July 15, 2010

Brady's Stitches....Chapter 3

Obviously, my Thursdays are meant to be spent at Children's Hospital. This afternoon, Brady fought the wall, and the wall won. Again. I had just arrived at the golf course to sign-in the Thursday league when Scott called to tell me Brady was running through the house and hit his head of the corner of a wall and he probably needed stitches. I ran home and found him in the bathtub...Scott didn't want him bleeding all over the house. That's a good man, my Scott Smallie. Carter and Ben had a swim meet tonight, so Scott was going to take them, and I took Brady to Children's by myself.
  • Some fun facts about's Hospital:
  • Thursdays are a great time to go. Not crowded and they have live music in the cafeteria
  • The cafeteria has great fountain soda
  • If your child is a stellar patient, the nurse may let him play with her iPad
  • Beer Pong is not a game downloaded onto the nurse's iPad (yes, he asked)
  • If you are a very calm mother who loves watching "minor surgeries" and the nurse needs to be somewhere else, the doctor may ask you to assist her with the remainder of the procedure (everytime she asked for something, I was dying for her to say "stat" but she never did...sigh)
Waiting room. He just loved the head bandage..not!
As always, Brady did awesome. The attending, Dr. M, said that 99% of young kids need to be sedated to get stitches and was "flabbergasted" that Brady didn't even need a numbing shot...the gel was good enough for him! I watched the entire procedure...she even showed me the tissue around his cool!!! His wound was a lot bigger than I originally thought and the fact that his hair color was the same as the stitches string made it very difficult for her, but he never flinched or moved.

Only Brady could end up with stitches in the shape of a "B"

Lovin' the partly shaved green pool hair with his initial carved into the side of his head. Seriously, he's only five. How am I going to survive his teenage years?!
As we were pulling out of the parking lot to go home, I was thinking about how crazy it is that I am so confident and even comfortable with taking one of my kids to the ER by myself. Navigating the parking garage, hospital hallways, paperwork, endless questions...all while dealing with my child who is sick/hurt enough to need emergency care. When and how did I become this person??!! Motherhood has truly brought out the Woman Warrior within me!!!

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