Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday Fun

My Tues/Wed wild women are out of town this week (good luck to Adie and Mike who are traveling with children for the first time!). This is the very first time since I started babysitting in October 2008 that we haven't had them with us....well, except for one day over Christmas break when I had the flu. Anyway, Cate is going to miss her friends!

Grace and Gabby turned 2 last week...Happy Birthday Girls!!!

Friday morning, we took the kids, minus Carter, plus Keaton & Nic to Splash City Waterpark.
Poor Brady isn't tall enough to ride the big waterslides or surf...he had to watch from the grass :(
Did I mention it was scorching hot? Heat index of 106...

Bennett did great on the surf thingy!

Nic, Bennett, & Keaton
On Saturday, my nephew, Jon, competed in the SWISA dive meet. He's a really great diver...I captured this picture of him at a meet last week. I think he was doing his double..or inward double, or something with lots of flips :) 2nd place finish to a 1st rate diver. Well Done Jon!!!

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