Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun Friday

Because Brady can't swim til Monday, we let him choose our "Friday Fun Day" activity. His choice...the zoo of course. I think he wanted to go to the zoo because a) it makes Cate happy and b) Carter and Bennett refuse to go. So, Carter hung with his friends all day and Ben stayed with my mom and dad. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a tad bit embarrassed about Brady's hair/head situation! He's about three months past due for a haircut and the green, half-shaved head with fresh stitches brought some funny stares from people. The hippos were gracefully swimming in front of the window. These guys always amaze me with how huge they are and that they don't eat all of the bothersome fish swimming in front of them :)

My camera was on the wrong setting all day, but I love this picture of Brady and Cate listening to the Children's Zoo volunteer talking about the guinea pigs and bunnies.

This seriously grosses me out. We did a lot of rinsing and washing after this kiss :)

"Be Gentle"

Cate and Brady loved the "Animal Idol" show in the Children's Zoo amphitheatre. It was a talent contest between a pig, squirrel, macaw, kangaroo thing, and an armadillo. The squirrel won :)Brady insisted on wearing his sunglasses all day " so no one knows it's me with the shaved head"

My kids love Dippin'Dots ice cream. I remember going to the big Stl. auto show when I was in highschool and Dippin' Dots were just being introduced as "the ice cream of the future". Guess they were right!

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