Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Eve

On Wednesday, Cate and I were fed up with fighting boys so we broke outta here and headed to the Galleria for a little retail therapy.  She was looking for something cute to wear Thanksgiving and I was wanting to get her opinion about a few things in The Disney Store that I thought she would like for Christmas.  Cate is the perfect child to take shopping because she never begs/cries for anything, she just asks that we put it everything on her Christmas or birthday list.  I love that we can go into her favorite stores and walk right back out with zero tears or whining.  Makes for a fun, stress-free excursion!
I've always loved the Christmas decorations at Galleria
She could spend hours in the Disney Store!
Why does the Gap sell these?  She thought they were funny.
Santa was in da house!  I asked her if she told him what was on her list and she said "No, I just listened to him tell me about things I might like, but he was really off so we need to get my list in the mail"  Ha!
Walking the mall wore her out!  When I unbuckled her she snuggled back in and I barely got her out of her seat. The trip was a success though~ (Thanks to Mini Boden and Nordstrom, Cate will look super cute on Thanksgiving!)
When we arrived home, everyone was asleep. 
That night, Brady had two 3v3 soccer games and his team won the tournament.  Woot Woot!

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