Sunday, November 18, 2012

Memphis...Part 7

Last weekend we took our 7th sports related trip to Memphis...Brady's soccer team was playing in a tournament at the Mike Rose Complex.  Carter asked to bring his friend Stevie this time and we figured it would give him something to do and maybe the kids wouldn't argue so much if they had a distraction.  For the most part, it worked.  However, the car was a bit cramped.
Our first stop was at Lambert's Restaurant.  Home of the thrown roll! We left town about 12, so we could enjoy a late lunch at Lambert's and then finish the rest of the drive getting us to Memphis about 6. 
Lambert's is this Hungarian blooded boys heaven. Yummy huge rolls literally thrown at him non-stop.
Cate and I sat on the front porch while Scott and the boys played football for awhile to burn off some energy before we left Lambert's.

We reserved a suite because of our large amount of children and it happened to have a jacuzzi right in the middle of the front room.  Cate thought this was awesome and swam in it all weekend.  She especially loved when Brady brought his soccer buddies in take a dip!

Bennett, Carter, and Stevie played a lot of catch over the weekend.  Cate liked watching from our hotel window
Game time!  The weather was PERFECT!
Cate draped our blanket over the bleachers and hung out underneath to avoid the sun :)

Brady's games were at 1 & 3:30 Saturday, so we had plenty of time to lay around and hang out
There was a running trail right next to our hotel so Scott even got to go for his daily run

Saturday night, we went to Corky's BBQ for dinner (YUM) and then Scott took the three little ones back to the hotel to swim, and I took Carter and Stevie to the mall. 
They danced in the middle of Target for a very long time
Sunday was a very colorful day for Cate!
Still avoiding the sun!
Heading home and we're all still in one piece=successful trip!

Brady's team ended up losing in the semi-finals Sunday (to a team we had already beat 8-2 grrrrrr), but overall it was a really fun weekend.  Until the ride home.  It stormed the final three hours of the trip and it made me very very nervous.  People were pulled over on the side of the highway, but Scott said there was no way he was stopping, he just wanted to get home!  Unfortunately, the storm followed us all the way to GC and stayed with us overnight.  I was so happy to finally be out of that car! Sounds like we have three more trips to Memphis next year and one to Southhaven MS, which is 15 minutes from Memphis.  We should look into renting an apartment there :)  

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