Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Parade

Last Saturday was our towns annual Holiday Parade.  This year, our Jr. Garden Club had a float.  My kids were very excited to get to ride through a parade and be the ones throwing out the candy and goodies!  We decided to go with a holiday garden theme (duh) and decorated trees and wreaths using gardening shovels, gloves, and real vegetables as the ornaments.  Super cute.  We had 22 club members ride on the float and the streets were filled with THOUSANDS of people.  It was crazy!
Scott, his Grandma, my Mom and lots of our friends sat along the route, while me, my sister, our dad and my kids rode on the float.  Cate had a blast!
We had to line up an hour before the parade started and it got pretty boring :)

By the end of the parade, Brady was exhausted!
Trevor dressed up in his pea costume and Annie carried him behind the float.  Cutest vegetable ever!!

The parade was a huge success and Kathy and I are already brainstorming for next year.  My Mom and Dad have done an awesome job with the Garden Club again this year and everyone is so appreciative of all the effort they put into it. 

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