Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last week I mentioned, out loud, that I was so grateful that our family has avoided illness this far into the season. Last year, Ben was sick at Disney and Brady was sick after and I believe Cate had a bout of pneumonia thrown in there somewhere. However, this year, we haven't even had a runny nose to complain about and it's been wonderful. Note to self: knocking on wood after saying something stupid does not change fate (and while we're at it, neither does making a wish at 11:11). Needless to say, we've been sick this week.

Bennett threw up Monday night and had a few stomach issues (if you know what I mean) throughout the night so he stayed home from school on Tuesday. He was never super sick so I didn't think anything of it. Until yesterday at 3:00. As soon as the kids got home from school I started to feel queasy (not unlike most days, if you know what I mean). By the time Ryan picked Hadley and Tyler up, both Cate and I were fighting for the bathroom. And I am not exaggerating when I say that for the next 9 hours I threw up every 5-10 minutes. We timed it like contractions, except with the opposite effect...I knew the longer I could go in between, the closer I was to being done with it. Cate threw up all evening but thankfully not with the same intensity. By 1am, I decided to take a sleeping pill and I was able to sleep until 3am when it started all over. I then took another sleeping pill and got another 3 hours of sleep. Cate was able to sleep all night with zero issues which her poor little body needed so badly. This morning, I was already feeling so much better but unfortunately Scott and Brady were now sick. Not shocking considering Brady stood guard for Cate and rubbed her back each time she threw up. He would not leave her side even though he knew it would eventually cause him to get sick. In fact this morning when he got sick for the first time he said " Good, I hope this means that I took it from Cate and she'll be all better now". Awwwww, he's the best. Scott and I laid in bed ALL day while Brady and Cate watched movies in the living room. We are all feeling much better and I'm working hard to sanitize every surface of the house. Brady is already back outside playing hockey and Cate has changed clothes four times tonight, a sure sign she's feeling better :)

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have agreed with this next statement at 10:38pm last night when I was begging for my death, but I do think a 24 hour stint with the stomach flu is better than weeks and weeks of snotty noses, congestion and sleepless nights...especially since there were no puking incidents away from toilets. Wait, did I just jinx myself again?? knock on wood

It's no wonder Scott woke up sick after sleeping like this all night, but sometimes you gotta take one for the team <3

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