Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Today is Miss Cate's 4th birthday. I would post lots of great pictures except I can't...I have yet to figure out how to transfer pictures from my new printer to the computer, so that'll have to wait. Anyhoo, when Cate woke up this morning she said "Am I really four now? I can say I'm four? Right now I'm four??" Weeks of birthday talk and it's finally here...she could hardly believe it :) After I dropped her off at school this morning, Hadley and I ran to Gus' Pretzels to pick up treats for her class and teachers. When I walked back into her classroom, she was wearing a bright red formal dress and white dress shoes...Mrs. B said she puts a different dress-up outfit on as soon as she gets to school each morning! We had a pretty low key afternoon and tonight she chose Si Senor for dinner. Brady shook things up with an almost-ER visit after hitting his head really hard while playing hockey. His doctor decided it did not warrant a trip to the hospital but she does want to see him tomorrow. Good times, good times.

Promise a proper birthday post tomorrow......

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Adriane said...

Happy Birthday to Catie bug!!!!!! Cannot believe she is 4! Hope you have a great party this weekend!