Thursday, February 9, 2012


Four. Sniff Sniff. Seems so much older than three. Let's look back, shall we?
2.5 days old and already thoroughly annoyed at the noise level in our house. Get used to it sista...

Ready for her first birthday party!

2nd birthday is finally coming in!

3 years old! (hair is falling out!)

4 years. She looks so grown up...when did this happen?! :(

Miss are so full of personality and you are constantly entertaining all of us. We love to sit around the dining room table and listen to your stories. You are very much into pretend play and often sit in your room with your "pretend Rhett" and play house. Bennett thinks this is ridiculous, but I find it hilarious! (your dad is not thrilled that you already have crushes on your brothers friends!) I love to listen to you "read" stories to your babies or "talk" on the phone to your grandmas. Your desire to pick out your own clothes has been rough for me, but I'm working hard to step back and give you the freedom to let your personality shine. Your hair is finally growing thick and long and you've had over four haircuts this year!! I love the way you sweep your bangs away from your eyes with your sweet little always makes me smile :) You currently weigh 32 pounds, up three pounds from last year. You still sleep with us and your dad and I both agree that 10+ hours guaranteed sleep has been well worth it. And you're still a rockstar fall asleep a few minutes after you lay down and we always have to wake you in the morning. Your favorite tv shows are Dora the Explorer and Gator Boys. I have no idea why you love watching those guys wrestle alligators but you know just where to find the recordings on our DVR and listen intently to every word they say. You still call your brothers "my boys" and they still cater to your every need. You are closest with Brady who is very patient with you even when you don't deserve it! Much to my dismay, you love school and have great stories to tell each day when you get home. Your teachers are so sweet to you and they all look forward to seeing what you're wearing each morning...cause you just never know :) Catie Bug, you've brought lots and lots of pink to our once very blue house and we couldn't be any happier. I hope your year is filled with all things great...just like you :) Happy Birthday Baby Cate!!!!!

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