Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3

Holy Crap!! Only day 3 of baseball season and I am already one very tired mama! I totally should have trained all winter for this, I am in no way mentally prepared for the weeks to come. Added bonus to our already ridiculous schedule....Carter decided last minute to go out for the freshman baseball team. Hello 6 more practices/games a week and goodbye $500 (bat, shoes, pants, glove,etc...he hasn't played in two years and Scott claims he's outgrown it all). So, let's recap my spring schedule....Carter freshman baseball, Scott head JV baseball coach, Brady select soccer, Brady select baseball, Bennett select baseball, Bennett basketball (3 weeks left), Carter select soccer, Cate professional cheerleader, and me-events coordinator and chauffeur. I'm dreaming of the days in the not-so-distant-future when I can lay comatose on a chaise lounge.. poolside!

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