Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year

Goodbye to 2011. I am so glad it's now in my rearview mirror. What a year! In review, I'd say the first five months held some of my very favorite moments ever and the final seven months were mostly depressing and stressful. Well, not completely depressing, but I'm definitely happy to be closing that chapter.

We started the year with a trip to Disney. And they aren't really is the most "Magical Place on Earth". I'd never been a big Disney fan (in fact, I once considered it a "glorified Six Flags" *gasp* Dear Walt, please forgive me.) but the moment I walked through the gates at Magic Kingdom, I was forever changed :)

Then in April, I ran my first half-marathon with my two best friends. What a long, painful road it was getting there (right Ness?!) but so very worth it. I'll display my medal forever (and will be buried in all of my race tshirts..remember Elaine, you're in charge of this)!

Jen, Nessa, and the Finish Line...U of I Memorial Stadium. WE DONE IT! (this will be the only picture I post today because it was probably the best moment of 2011 and needs a lot of attention :)

A week after the race, I turned 35 and everything went downhill from there. For real. Lack of motivation to do anything and lots of emotional moments from there on out: two of the biggest being Carter starting highschool and Cate starting preschool. Boo hoo!!!

But the bad, stressful times make the good, happy times that much better, right? Fo sho. And, in the end, I'm thankful for all of the fantastic and craptastic moments of 2011 because I had my family with me through them all.

And, finally, what I was most grateful for in 2011 (and years 2001-2010) is that none of the stress and low times were caused by my marriage...something I often take for granted. Yes, there are days when Scott knows better than to walk near the car when I'm behind the wheel ;) but we're a team and in it for the long haul. Life is so much easier when you share it with someone that can make even the crappiest of days seem good :)

And there you have it....a half-ass attempt at a year end review. I'm very excited for what 2012 has in store for us...Disney again (in 5 days!!), .....titles are changing~~Hello Great Uncle Scott and Great Aunt Debbie (we've always known we were great, this just makes it official) trips to Kentucky and KC....maybe a few days at a beach :)....more soccer...lazy days at Paddlers...ahhhh it all sounds wonderful.

Sorry to say it 2011, but I'm moving on....


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