Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hollywood Studios

This vacation recap has been nearly impossible to finish. We came home from Orlando to find our computer tower had completely stopped working. So, I'm trying to use Carter's laptop to upload photos, etc and it's nowhere near as Debbie-friendly as my computer. My wonderful, brilliant Uncle Joe is currently fixing my computer so I'm hoping to be back up and running soon.

On Friday, we spent the day at Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM. We met more characters, saw lots of shows, rode all of the rides (some even twice) and the weather was again awesome. Carter and I rode the Tower of Terror (there was no line!!), Cate loved the Beauty and the Beast musical, Ben's favorite was the Star Wars ride, and Brady's favorite was the Toy Story ride (which broke down and we ended up waiting forever to get on!)

Crazy Aunt Kathy bustin' a move

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