Thursday, January 26, 2012


Saturday morning, Carter had his first two soccer games. Soccer? Oh yeah, that's why we're here. Anyway, his games were at 8:30 and 9:30 and because the other kids were exhausted and could use a day to sleep in, I stayed back and Scott, Fran, and Elaine took Carter to his games. The Wide World of Sports is a massive facility...massive! Carter's team had a very rough first game and ended up losing the second game in the final seconds of play. Everyone arrived back at the hotel by 10:30 and we were off for a day at Epcot!

"Those Guys"
We didn't go to Epcot last year because we chose to go to Magic Kingdom two days. I hadn't been to Epcot since I was in highschool and we weren't sure how much the kids would enjoy it. However, I was surprised at how much fun we all had and it's the one park that both Ben and Brady talk about the most! I guess it just had a much more laid back feeling than the other parks and it wasn't crowded at all.
Scott and I took Cate to meet some characters while everyone else went on a ride. Here she is showing them her newest autographs!
The Little Mermaid ride was really cool and they had a huge aquarium with dolphins and all sorts of sea creatures. The "Turtle Talk" show was one of our favorites. Very funny interactive live show...I highly recommend it dude :)

After visiting with Alice in Wonderland, we ate Fish N' Chips in the United Kingdom.
When we were finished eating, Grammy, Fran, and Bau Bau took the boys to the Test Track ride. Cate is too small to go on it, so Scott and I set off with her to meet some more princesses. Ahhh, it was the most relaxing 2 hours of the entire trip!!
Getting her "beast" face ready
I'm pretty sure being the beast would be a crappy job. He basically makes kids cry all day. I'm glad Cate wasn't scared and gave the poor guy a big hug!
I really enjoyed strolling through the different countries and people watching
Cate saluting the flags
I know I've mentioned it before...but look at the lack of crowds!!

When everyone finished the Test Track ride (which was the boys absolute favorite of the entire trip), we headed to Soarin'. It was soooo cool. Definitely worth a trip to Epcot. Grammy, Fran, and BauBau stuck around for the 9:00 fireworks, but the rest of us headed back to the hotel. It was getting cold and the kids were hungry and basically Scott decided we were leaving. This was our final day at the parks and we were all sad to walk through the gates for the last time in 2012. But, it was nice to get back to the hotel early, eat dinner, and let the kids play in the arcade for awhile. Another very successful day!!

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